The Traditional Taste of Okyay Tahini

The secret of the traditional taste of Okyay Tahini is hidden in the hygienic production process by using quality sesame seeds, maintaining the same taste quality with more than 70 years of experience.

Discover the best taste of tahini and molasses with Okyay Tahini products, the most beautiful form of sesame.

The favorite ingredent of your tahini cookies, cake or pita recipes will be Okyay Tahini. The number one choice of delicious recipes with its fluid content and excellent taste. Okyay Tahini, which is the main ingredient of hummus, the best of appetizers, and falafel, which is the most delicious of healthy dishes, will make everyone lick their fingers

600 Gr Tahini Glass Jar

1750 Gr Tahini Tin Box

300 Gr Tahini Tin Box

1460 Gr Tahini Tin Box

19 Kg Tahini Tin Box

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