Welcome to Okyay Gida

OKYAY Gıda San. Tic. A.Ş. has been producing high quality tahini and tahini halva since its establishment in 1948. OKYAY brand is known as high quality, unique taste and unconditional trust. The main reason for this recognition is that our company has always combined the use of extra quality and natural raw materials with more than seventy years of experience.

Okyay Gıda, as its production philosophy, has adopted the goals of unique taste, naturalness and the highest quality as well as prioritizing consumer health in its products. The institution follows the technology day by day in its integrated facilities in 12.000 m2 open and 4.000 m2 closed area and operates by aiming to produce better and higher quality every day.

The Okyay company, which was founded as a small tahini business by Ali Okyay in 1948, continues to operate by the third generation in respect to the traditional methods.

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